New Year - New Improved Stock

As we step into the New Year, it is time to shake off the old and look to a year full of possibilities. One where we can move forward with new insights and aspirations to recover, progress, and surpass the previous year’s endeavours.

Let us start our year by acknowledging all Domestic and Commercial Cleaners, the unspoken superheroes, whose value cannot be overstated.

The last few years have proven that cleaning is an essential service. And it is our mission to arm them with the best possible products that will allow them to tackle all their cleaning needs with ease.

We are excited to introduce the following new super high-quality BOSS Chemicals Premium Label to our existing cleaning chemicals range.

boss chemicals | glass cleaner | floor cleaner

Visionary Glass & Window Cleaner - See further and clearer into the future

Dissolves greasy fingerprints, removes dirt and grime from glass crystal balls, windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless-steel surfaces. This non-ammonia ethanol, starry-eyed Boss comes prepared and leaves glossy surfaces streak and static-free, drying rapidly to see clearer into the future. Visionary outshines them all. 

Workaholic Degreaser HD Cleaner - Work smarter, not harder

Workaholic puts in the overtime to clean hard surfaces. A biodegradable, alkaline water-based heavy-duty detergent/degreaser, this Boss is super concentrated, used to wash away the toughest dirt, oil and grease on walls, floors, equipment, vehicles, signs and more. Use with mops, auto-scrubbers, steam cleaners and pressure washers.

Undercover Quick Dry Floor Cleaner - Fly under the radar and hide the evidence

When you need to clean up the mess on the floor without anyone knowing, send in the Undercover Boss. Gliding along with a microfibre mop, biodegradable and phosphate-free liquid breaks down greasy and stubborn stains on hard floor surfaces, drying quickly to leave no trace, only a fresh citrus scent.

Keep a lookout for more new BOSS Chemicals Premium Label Range to come in the future.

You will also see that all our Apack Commercial chemicals have been revamped and rebranded to Boss Chemicals.

Don’t worry. Our chemicals continue to have the same superpowers you have come to know, same formula, different look with a new and improved label.

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