Say Goodbye To Germs - Practice Good Hand Hygiene

Bacteria is everywhere, and everything you touch has been contaminated by others, making it imperative that we all practise good hand hygiene habits.

Hand hygiene education is essential for us all, so it is never too early or late to learn about the importance of washing our hands.

Let’s introduce our children to hand hygiene and take care of their precious little hands. 

Make it fun by singing their favourite song whilst washing their hands and teaching them the correct hand washing steps.

Make it a routine, not a chore. 

Why is hand hygiene important?
It is how we stop the spread of infection, prevent potential illness, and ensure our environment is a hygienic one. 

Handwashing removes germs from hands when done correctly, stops the transmission of germs, and prevents healthcare-associated infections.

When should we wash our hands?
We all touch our eyes, nose and mouth without even realising it, making it necessary to implement handwashing practices.  

See the image that states when you should wash your hands.
What is the correct way to wash your hands?
1) Wet hands with running water.
2) Apply soap to hands.
3) Rub hands together, lathering thoroughly and washing all areas, including between fingers.
4) Continue to wash hands for 20 seconds.
5) Rinse hands underwater, removing all soap suds.
6) Dry hands thoroughly with a paper towel.

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