Colour coding your workplace: Prevent cross-contamination & reduce sick days

Covid-19 has enforced awareness to us all about the importance of hygiene, both personal and professional. Highlighting that it is essential for workplaces to be a place where we can go without fear of contamination. Therefore how we approach cleaning the workplace is imperative to our general health, and for that reason implementing a colour coding cleaning system can be a beneficial procedure. It will allow you to organise and give structure for your staff, improve hygiene practices and prevent cross contamination between your different work areas.

What is cross contamination? 

Cross contamination does not refer to food industries only, it can affect us all.  It is how infection because of either poor hygiene, or poor work practices, can lead to many avoidable sick days. The definition of cross contamination is ‘the process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance to another, with harmful effect.’

Tips to prevent cross contamination during cleaning in your workplace

1) Implement a colour coding system
Separate and clean all cleaning tools, chemicals and equipment to ensure continued good hygiene practices.

2) Communicate effectively
Train staff in workplace cleaning practices, equipment & personal hygiene and keep lines of communication open.

3) Enforce workplace cleaning procedures
Supervise staff to ensure the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals and personal protective wear are available, and implemented practices are being followed.

    Apack has various ranges available in four colours for your convenience, enabling you to implement your own colour coding systems similar to the example below.


    Standard Areas

    Alternative Area Uses


    General Cleaning

    Office/Workshop Cleaning


    Food Service and Food Preparation Areas

    Kitchen Cleaning


    Toilets, Bathrooms and Utility (cleaners/laundry) Rooms

    Toilet/Bathroom Cleaning


    Infectious and Isolation Areas

    Floor Cleaning

    Antibacterial coloured highly absorbent wipes for essential everyday cleaning.

    SYN-8044  SYN-8045  SYN-8047  SYN-8046 

    Whisper rolls of antibacterial wipes in blue, red, green and yellow | Apack Commercial

    Premium commercial mop head for heavy duty cleaning, consists of exclusive synthetic blend yarn for ultimate absorbency and cleaning performance.

    MH-DC-01  MH-DC-01G  MH-DC-01R  MH-DC-01Y 

    Mop heads in red, blue, green and yellow | Apack Commercial

    Lightweight aluminium handle ideal for commercial use.

    B-11583-B  B-11583-G  B-11583-R   B-11583-Y

    Mop handles in red, blue, green and yellow | Apack Commercial

    Lightweight heavy duty plastic mop bucket that is hygienic and rustproof.

    IW-008B  IW-008G  IW-008R  IW-008

    Mop buckets in red, blue, green and yellow | Apack Commercial


    Combine colour-coded equipment with our Covid-19 products and do your part to provide a safe work environment.

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