Plastic Ban: Ceased Supply Of Single Use Plastic/Polystyrene

Apacks ongoing ‘Going Green’ campaign means we ensure our business continues to be environmentally responsible, we don’t wait for change, we make it happen. 

A new legislation has been passed by the Queensland government banning the supply of single use plastic. On 1st September 2021 all Queensland businesses and not for profit organisations, including supermarkets, cafes, hotels and food shops, will need to adhere to the government's ban.

To support Queensland's plan to tackle plastic pollution, our proactive approach towards environmental impacts means we have made the hard decision to not only cease supply on all single use plastic and polystyrene packaging (this includes plastic plates, cups, containers, and cutlery) implementing zero sales.  But to cease supply of replacements for these products.

What this means for Apack...  The decision to stop our disposable packaging supply means we are doing our part to reduce marine & land-based plastic pollution, detrimental injuries & poisoning to our Australian wildlife and overflow of landfill.

These business organisational changes allow us to effectively grow and thrive in new ways, ensuring that at all times we understand the reasons for all changes initiated.

We will continue to offer our customers with quality environmentally friendly Eco Products, including...

Certified Compostable Bin Liners - Say goodbye to traditional plastic bags that remain in our environment forever and make the switch to compostable. These bin liners are perfect for food organic green organic waste (FOGO) and then composted providing nutrients back to plants rather than being wasted in landfill.
  compostable bin liners

Eco-Green Certified Cleaning Chemicals - Try our green range of environmentally sustainable chemicals for all your cleaning needs.  All are GECA certified(Good Environmental Choice Australia) eco friendly, phosphate free, biodegradable, septic safe, 100% Australian owned and made, making them safer for humans and the environment. 
Bulk containers of cleaning solutions | Apack Commercial
While pursuing other products that allow us to offer quality products and reasonable prices to all our customers.  


Keep a lookout for our new 100% bamboo 3ply toilet rolls (tree free material, no inks or dyes, and suitable for all systems and markets) which will be FSC-certified, ensuring the product comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, and will be coming soon…

Bamboo stalks "Coming Soon, Contact Us For Details" | Apack Commercial

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